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Growing up, the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls and fresh bread baking often woke Kara up early in the morning, and family meals were gatherings where friends were always invited. Shortly after meeting the love of her life, she decided to turn her knowledge, passion and love of scratch made cooking into her life’s work, inspired by the fond memories of friends and family created around a dinner table. So when Chef Kara and her husband welcomed their first daughter into their lives, she started Flavor 360 to teach other moms how to make baby food from local, seasonal ingredients, giving their children the best from the moment they took their first bite. And by the time their second daughter arrived, Chef Kara had already grown Flavor 360 into a full service catering business with unique menus focused on local ingredients, using kitchen practices dedicated to sustainability—no exceptions.

When she’s not in the Flavor kitchen, she’s usually perusing a Farmer’s Market with her daughters or helping coordinate a family dinner where the kids are the Executive Chefs. And as her family has grown, so has Flavor 360, adding box lunches and ready-made meals for St. Louisans who want to feed their clients, friends, and families with the best ingredients the region has to offer. While Flavor 360 continues to expand, it still remains just a family-run, family-focused place for people who like good food that is good for the environment and good for the community. Let us cook for you!

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Flavor 360 is committed to protecting the environment. Our packaging and utensils are created from materials you can recycle or compost after enjoying your meal.

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