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Flavor 360’s Mission.

St. Louis Boutique Catering and hand-crafted box lunches for all of life’s occasions.






Chef Kara creates each event from scratch.  From the first taste to the last bite, your event is your own.



Every single bite is hand-crafted from scratch with the very best local ingredients.  Supporting St. Louis and the environment with flavor!



Customized menus, healthy kitchen planning, in-home cooking classes – Chef Kara does it all For You.




I created Flavor 360 to indulge my passion for making people happy through food. One of my core beliefs is that small batch, approachable dishes with unique flavor pairings and made-from-scratch goodness get people excited about eating real food. And that means smiling faces! To me, every occasion is made more memorable through delicious flavors. Welcome to Flavor 360 and allow me to share my passion with you at your next event.  

Chef Kara     

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St. Louis Boutique Catering • Flavor 360 - Chef Kara

More Kitchen +
More Hands

Offering the same fresh ingredients and attention to every bite, but with additional kitchen space and team members to better serve St. Louis.

We are here to make your next event memorable and flavorful.

Talking About Tannin

What are tannins? They actually come from the skin, seeds + stems of the grape + are typically more pronounced in full-bodied red wines.  Although, there are white wines that may have tannins from being aged in oak barrels.  The science can be overwhelming,...

Umami: The Fifth Flavor

Known as the fifth taste, umami is that savoriness your taste buds experience from foods like parmesan, cooked or cured meat, mushrooms or fermented foods.  It is more pronounced in foods that have been cooked over a long period of time like a stew or dashi...

Family Grilling

Sunday nights are a great time to get everyone involved in the kitchen + with the weather being so nice, our family spent a lot of time outdoors.  Planning an easy meal for the grill using fresh ingredients from farmers markets is simple this time of year.  ...