Chive On

My chives have been taking over my herb garden already this year, so I came up with ways to use up excess.  My first thought was an herb butter, but decided to make the butter myself!  It was so fun and easy.  So chive butter with lemon zest.  What goes better with fresh homemade butter… cornbread!  So I adapted a recipe I found, grilled the corn and made them into adorable little mini cornbread cakes using individual ramekins.  Next I thought of chive bread.  I also had some Yukon gold potatoes that were staring at me on the counter dying to be used up, so I made chive + potato bread.  And finally I had to round out my chive week with some home ranch dressing, heavy on the chives.  chive potato bread -1

Besides cooking, sharing my food with family and friends is probably one of the things that brings me the most joy in life.  I happened to be getting together with my girlfriends so who better to share my chive extravaganza.  I wrapped up the butter in parchment paper and cornbread cakes in some cheese cloth – one for everybody.  I baked the chive + potato bread in wooden baking baskets that I found on one of my favorite blogs.  These are great, allowed me to just slip the loaf in a cello bag, add some cute ribbon and a tag and send it with my husband to work for a meeting with his new team. 

chive butter + cornbread wrapped for gifts


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