Family Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl day at our house is a pretty low key, lazy day.  The game is on in the background, the girls run around playing, and Dad tries to get the girls to understand what is happening on the field. But no matter how hard he tries, they really only stand still to watch the commercials. This year, instead of just ordering a pizza with chips and dip, I thought it would be fun make a bunch of tasty snacks that the whole family would enjoy. 

My three year old declared, “Let’s have a picnic in the living room!” So trying to keep things healthy without sacrificing flavor, I came up with pizza rolls with a twist.   Wonton wrappers make assembling homemade pizza rolls a cinch and help eliminate all those tongue tying ingredients that are in the processed version.  I stuffed them with some sautéed chopped broccoli (because who says veggies can’t have a starring role in decadent snacks?), fresh mozzarella, and apple chicken sausage which gave them a nice robust flavor. My husband and the girls gobbled them up, never once asking when the real pizza was coming.  I also served up some sweet pea hummus, greek yogurt spinach dip, and homemade ranch with veggies and pitas, along with some of Daddy’s famous chili. A perfect super bowl spread for our “picnic in the living room” that I felt good about serving my family.  Score one for Mom!

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