Madeline and the French Tea Party Baby Shower {Boutique Catering St. Louis}

I had so much fun catering the food for this special baby shower! The theme was based on the guest of honor’s love of the Madeline book series when she was a little girl. So, I let my inner French baker inspire this custom tea party menu with mini sweet treats and savory bites. There were fruit tarts filled with pastry cream and fresh berries, and lemon curd filled classic French macarons whose delicate shells melted in your mouth with just the right tartness from the curd. We also served raspberry pistachio mini tea cakes with a surprising nuttiness from the pistachios ground into the sugar. And what tea party would be complete without scones? Chocolate orange ones for this party! For lovers of the more savory variety, we served mini bacon leek quiches, a light salad with a citrus vinaigrette, and a trio of tea sandwiches including curried chicken salad, watercress and goat cheese, and cucumber and prosciutto. Bonjour, baby Rabenold!

Alison, I always love catering your parties!


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