Inside the Kitchen Drawer

The holiday season has kept me especially busy in the kitchen + as any great chef knows, it’s so important to have the best working tools available to you. I am especially enjoying my bench scraper this season. Here’s why:

  1. Built in ruler at the bottom: Great for quickly measuring dough and keeping things uniform.
  2. Dough making is easier: I bake so much bread and dough during the holiday season that I can not be without it.
  3. It’s great for everything: Not only can you use it for cutting dough + scraping bread dough off the counter while kneading, but I use one almost every time I cook.
  4. Scooping is simple: It is fantastic for scooping up my ingredients that have just been chopped + transferring them to the pan or a bowl– like garlic or onions.
  5. Clean up is a breeze: It is perfect for cleaning up your counter before moving to the next task.

If you don’t have a bench scraper as part of your kitchen essentials, I highly recommend purchasing one!

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