Turkey Time

It’s incredible how quickly the Thanksgiving season has approached this year. With all the excitement around Flavor 360 + Something Elegant Catering it’s time to sit down + start making plans for the holiday season. If you are like me, you want to make sure that the focal piece, the turkey, is deliciously prepared. Here’s what I recommend for turkey preparation:

A day or two before you plan on cooking your turkey, you should dry brine your bird.  

Remove the neck + gizzards (I reserve mine to make the stock for my gravy).  

Rinse your bird + pat it dry with paper towels.  

Set the turkey on a rimmed baking sheet + coat with kosher salt; start out with ½ cup, but you may not use all of the salt depending on the size of your turkey.

Generously coat the bird, but don’t encrust it.   Let it sit uncovered in the fridge, overnight.

Cook your turkey as usual.  You’ll be amazed at how juicy it will be!

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