Gardening With The Girls

My girls love to do anything I’m doing, so when it is time to plant herbs, vegetables + flowers at the house, they are ready to pitch in.  A few years ago they received their own gardening gloves, shovels, garden hoes from the Easter bunny– in pink of course! They love using their own tools when we start planting. It gives them a sense of ownership of the project. I have found that little hands are wonderful for digging small holes for flowers + herbs.  They can tackle the task very easily + since it’s working outdoors they can be as messy as they desire.  

Each summer we usually give them a few little pots to plant in with flowers that they helped choose to take care of throughout the growing months. Sloane’s favorite part of caring for the garden is patting the dirt around the plants after she gives them a new home. Paige loves watering in the garden. It’s rewarding to watch their excitement as each plant grows. The best part of the process is when the girls can pick tomatoes that they helped grow or snip off some herbs for our dinner. Without realizing it, they have learned the value of growing their own food + the skills to do so on their own.

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