Healthy Hearts Day

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to make your kiddos feel extra special.  Getting their day started with a little love is important to me + I love to make sure they have a fun breakfast to get them into the loving feeling.  Since they will likely be partaking of treats at their school parties it is even more important to begin their day with a delicious + healthy choice. My girls go crazy over sweet potatoes so I like to make them whole wheat sweet potato pancakes, in the shape of hearts of course. You can pour the batter in the shape of a heart by hand, or if you are looking for a more precise method you can use a heart shaped cookie cutter. Be sure to brush the inside with a little butter before you pour the batter. 

Top it off with greek yogurt + honey for added flavor. A perfect way to give them a breakfast full of love + start the day off right.




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