Hydroponically Grown Produce in the Kitchen

What is hydroponic growing? We’re glad you asked! We recently started sourcing some of our lettuce from a hydroponic growing facility. There, the produce is grown directly in the water instead of soil. 

Hydroponic growing is a great way to grow produce without wasting water. Even though the produce is grown directly in water, this growing method can save up to 70% of the water used to grow traditionally. As a green kitchen, we are always focused on finding new ways to preserve resources, and this is a great way to keep the movement going!

When a hydroponic growing facility is built indoors, there are a multitude of benefits. Due to to the cover of being indoors, plants are protected from harmful weather, pests and chemicals that contribute to crop loss. Facilities can often be powered totally by solar or wind power, helping to shrink the energy consumption of growing indoors.

Finally, hydroponic growing facilities are great for local setups. Because they are developed to function off of water alone, these facilities can be built in many different types of areas. With their flexibility and mobility, it makes it easier than ever for local restaurants to source their produce there and reduce their shipping footprint dramatically.

Ready to try out some hydroponically farmed produce yourself? We’ve got you! Check out our salads on the Box Lunch menu to get a taste of what it’s like to farm hydroponically.

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