More to the Market

What began as a desire to serve my children the very best food for their personal growth + to protect them from chemicals + preservatives has grown into a passion for knowing the true origin of our food.  I have always been dedicated to protecting our environment in any way possible. I strongly believe that supporting local farmers who use sustainable farming practices, avoid harmful chemicals + that care for our earth, helps all of us.  It seems we have lost sight of the true value of our food + the definition of genuine food.

Factory farming has given us a false sense of security that we have begun to trust in + which doesn’t truly reflect the cost for planet + the animals. We might be able to purchase food from a store or restaurant at a low cost, but does that take into consideration the implications for our own health, the planet + our future? We can combat this by shopping locally whenever possible.

Shopping at Farmer’s markets has a great many benefits. It can be easy fall back on habits when you are at the grocery store, but I find that spending time in the local Farmer’s markets helps me avoid food ruts. We might tend to buy apples year round because it’s available in the store. Or we might purchase the same vegetables every time we shop simply because they are always there no matter the season.  When you spend more time at the local Farmer’s markets you begin to understand that fruit + vegetables that are in their peak season taste better, are more affordable + are much better for the environment.  

Time spent shopping in our local markets provides me with instant inspiration + gives me a chance to try something new + interesting. As a small business owner it’s also important to us that we support other small business owners + the local economy. By purchasing ingredients that are grown locally we ensure that our food is fresher, has traveled less + in turn reduces pollution. We can also keep more money in our own community.  At the kitchen, we strive to source as much as we possibly can from local farms.

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