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Talking About Tannin

What are tannins? They actually come from the skin, seeds + stems of the grape + are typically more pronounced in full-bodied red wines.  Although, there are white wines that may have tannins from being aged in oak barrels.  The science can be overwhelming,...

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Umami: The Fifth Flavor

Known as the fifth taste, umami is that savoriness your taste buds experience from foods like parmesan, cooked or cured meat, mushrooms or fermented foods.  It is more pronounced in foods that have been cooked over a long period of time like a stew or dashi...

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Shopping Helpers

I am a big believer in getting kids involved in all aspects of food.  I want my kids to understand how to navigate all the choices available to them + eventually know what to look for when they have to make these decisions themselves.  Grocery shopping...

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Summer Garden Update

Things are growing well in our garden + we’ve been making use of the benefits as often as possible. We planted Missouri native bee + butterfly flowers to help support our local bee + monarch population. These native plants tend to adapt more...

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Grilling with Kara

The best part of summer is spending time outdoors with family and grilling. There are so many ways to be creative on the grill and incorporating fruits and vegetables with your meal can enhance the experience.

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Events Aplenty

It’s been a busy season with lots of events happening that we are so fortunate to take part in. It is a pleasure to create custom menus for our clients + have access to such great ingredients this time of year which makes the planning process even more fun. Here...

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Family Grilling

Sunday nights are a great time to get everyone involved in the kitchen + with the weather being so nice, our family spent a lot of time outdoors.  Planning an easy meal for the grill using fresh ingredients from farmers markets is simple this time of year.  ...

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Elegant Summer Desserts

When I’m entertaining, it’s so nice to serve dishes that have been prepared ahead of time so that I can relax + enjoy my guests. This is especially true with desserts, because after dinner the last thing I want to do is slave over dessert + miss being...

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Get Going with Granola

Adding a little sweet treat to your lunchbox can be done fresh from your own oven + ahead of time. I like to bake granola cookie wedges on the weekends for a treat option that is ready to eat when needed.  During the week I will include them in lunches, as a...

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Baking Up Fish

We have been hearing a lot about fish fries so I decided it was a good chance to incorporate fish into our own dinner menu for the week. Fish Sticks are a favorite of my girls + most kids if I had to guess, so that was the perfect choice. When...

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And The Appetizer Goes To

If you are having a little gathering of friends + family to watch the Oscars or just a gathering to entertain it’s nice to have an appetizer to share before the main course. There are a few that I like to share with my guests before the evening is in full swing....

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Hiding Amongst the Lemongrass

Lemongrass is one of those ingredients that can be intimidating when you walk by it in the grocery store, but with a few quick tricks it is simple to work with. It’s bright, citrus + lemony quality adds a beautiful aroma + flavor to many Asian dishes. You can...

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For the Love of Family

At our house, when dad is in charge of dinner, the meal of choice is what our girls like to call a “special daddy sampler platter.”   It’s a cute tradition he started with the girls while I was working + has continued every since.  It usually...

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Using the leftovers

It is so nice to have a meal with family during the holidays. And if your family is like mine then you have some left over. I find that the week following a holiday meal is a perfect time to get creative + make something new with the pieces of the meal that...

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I’m Making Waffles!

As I mentioned before, there are many great ways to incorporate pumpkin into a dish to provide additional health benefits + great taste. On the weekends when we have a relaxed family breakfast, the girls will often choose waffles or pancakes as the treat of choice. We...

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