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Flavor 360 at Historic Shaw Art Fair

By Chef Kara | September 30, 2019

When we’re not crafting in the kitchen, we’re finding ways to come to you! This weekend, we’ll be at the Historic Shaw Art Fair in the Shaw Neighborhood. Come see…

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New Season, New Menu

By Chef Kara | September 24, 2019

Spice up your next event with brand new catering menus from Flavor 360! When the seasons change, so do our ingredients. Locally-sourced, house-made and ready to be your guests’ next…

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Stencil Designs Add Polish to Iced Cookies

By Chef Kara | September 11, 2019

We’re always trying new things in the Flavor 360 kitchen, including new ways to decorate your favorite Royal Icing Cookies. So what’s the newest scoop from here in the kitchen?…

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Hydroponically Grown Produce in the Kitchen

By Chef Kara | September 3, 2019

What is hydroponic growing? We’re glad you asked! We recently started sourcing some of our lettuce from a hydroponic growing facility. There, the produce is grown directly in the water…

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Ready Made Meals – How Do They Work?

By Chef Kara | August 26, 2019

You’ve heard about the house-made, locally sourced meals we provide and want to give them a go yourself. How do you order? What meals can you choose from? How does…

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We’re Sourcing Local Foods Just For You

By Chef Kara | August 20, 2019

Sourcing locally is one of the many practices we take pride in at Flavor 360. The best ingredients possible can be found right here in St. Louis! We’re happy to…

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